I often get this question for all of the procedures that I perform. SkinPen microneedling does not hurt at all. In fact, I have patients that almost fall asleep during the procedure. 

Although I have never had anyone almost fall asleep during the Morpheus8, I can say that at Sunrise Skin and Wellness, we do the most to assure that our patients are comfortable during the procedure.

At Sunrise Skin and Wellness, we numb our patients for at least an hour and half. For the body treatments, we numb for two hours. During the procedure, I am able to adjust the settings based on the feedback of my patient. This is an important reason to make sure that wherever you go to have your Morpheus8 procedure, it is done by a licensed healthcare professional that is able to tailor the treatment to your skin laxity and your personal pain tolerance. 

If you are ever nervous about buying a package before you know you can handle it, I do offer a “Tester Special” for a patient’s first time at a very special price. If you are on the fence about the Morpheus8, ask about the Tester Special!