As your caring and knowledgeable nurse practitioner here at Sunrise Skin and Wellness, I’m passionate about protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Whether we’re walking the dog, or enjoying a leisurely boat cruise, we face a constant barrage of UV light: UVA that ages our skin, UVB that burns and increases our cancer risk, and even visible light like blue light from screens, which can darken existing pigmentary disorders.

Blue light in particular, which can worsen conditions like melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, tends to escape the protection of regular sunscreen. Most mineral sunscreens rely on invisible, nano-sized particles of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that minimize white residue but also limit their ability to reflect away blue light.

That’s where Alastin Hydra-Tint shines (no pun intended)! This tinted sunscreen goes beyond basic UV protection. It’s formulated with iron oxides alongside the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, creating a visible tint that does double duty:

    • Shields against blue light: The tint acts like a physical barrier, reflecting away blue light and minimizing its impact on your skin.
    • Provides instant, natural-looking coverage: The tint evens out skin tone, offering a healthy glow while protecting your skin. It is NOT make-up, so it is an excellent option for those of us who like to forgo the foundation.

For patients with melasma or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, Alastin Hydra-Tint is a game-changer. It tackles two concerns at once: sun damage and visible discoloration. And for those without these issues, it helps us look our best!

At Sunrise Skin and Wellness, we believe in comprehensive sun protection that goes beyond the basics. Alastin Hydra-Tint is a powerful tool in your sun-smart arsenal, offering both immediate gratification and long-term benefits for your skin.

Come see me, Patricia Delgado, to discuss your skin care needs and see if Hydra-Tint is right for you. Remember, protecting your skin is an investment in your future, and Sunrise Skin and Wellness is your partner in sun-protection!

Hydra-Tint is 20% off during the month of December

when purchased in-office during your appointment!