Acne and Scar Treatment

At Sunrise Skin and Wellness, we take a holistic approach to your acne treatment. We discuss factors such as diet, hormones and stress levels when deciding on the best plan for you.

Any prescriptions that may be needed are easily sent to your preferred pharmacy electronically. 

My approach to acne begins with learning about your skin and your lifestyle. I believe that acne must be addressed from all fronts to attack all of the components of acne: Hormonal, Genetic, and Lifestyle.

We discuss your goals of treatment, and we explore the different aspects of your day-to-day to see what changes can be made to support your new acne treatment regimen.

I thoroughly explain the mechanism of action of each cleanser, topical medication and/or antibiotic prescribed.

Do you prescribe Accutane?

If you are seeking a provider with several years of experience with handling some of the most severe forms of acne, you have come to the right place.

Patricia has over 8 years of experience in prescribing oral isotretinoin or “Accutane,” and understands the personal and subjective nature of acne.

At Sunrise, we do not believe in waiting for scars to permanently affect the skin, we believe in taking action sooner rather than later.

Book a Skin Wellness Visit to address all of your concerns with your adult acne. Your skincare routine should be more fun, and you should be focusing on what’s most important in your life rather than a complicated acne regimen!

Book a Skin Wellness Visit to address your concerns ASAP.

Don’t forget that I provide the ease and convenience of telehealth! I can provide virtual appointments outside of normal hours as needed for your convenience.

Call or text 813-738-1971 to be scheduled outside normal business hours.

You do not need to deal with acne forever!

Microneedling for Scarring

Microneedling helps reduce the appearance of scars after only one treatment. Depending on the severity of discoloration and the type and depth of scarring, patients may require anywhere from 3 to 6 treatments to completely eliminate the appearance of scars.

Patricia will thoroughly assess your skin and come up with the best plan of action for your skin.

Click HERE to learn more about Microneedling wth SkinPen.

To help maximize your results, prepare your skin by removing old collagen and elastin and making room for the new!

Start using the ALASTIN Procedure Enhancement Kit 7 days before your treatment and between each treatment to maximize your investment in your skin.

The Procedure Enhancement Kit includes:

  • Regenerating Skin Nectar: Helps prepare skin before a cosmetic treatment and significantly reduces recovery time afterward.
  • Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream: Creamy cleanser that gently cleans and calms skin.
  • Ultra Light Moisturizer: Enhances treatment outcomes by providing an optimal environment to improve skin’s appearance following a cosmetic treatment.
  • SilkSHIELD All-Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30: Broad spectrum sunscreen that provides protection from UVA/UVB rays, pollution, and blue light.

“Be comfortable. Feel confident. Love the skin you’re in.”

– Patricia M. Delgado, DNP